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Cariend is a designated records custodian, not affiliated with your medical provider, retained to store medical records for closing practices and medical facilities for many years. As a medical records custodian, it is our utmost priority to keep your information secure and provide your records in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Our processes are designed specifically with that in mind. Please follow the links below to submit an electronic medical records request. You will need your Photo ID to complete the request. Please do not send sensitive information such as your social security number, date of birth, or photo ID via email. Use the secure link below.

At Cariend, your records are our priority. We understand the urgency to expedite your request, which is why we encourage all requestors to submit an electronic records request and electronic delivery. This is the fastest and most secure method. Requests are fulfilled in the order they are received. See our FAQs below for more information.

Cariend is not a directory or search resource for records. Please do not request records from us unless you have been notified by your former provider that we have your records. Once you have completed your request, please do not submit multiple forms or inquiries, as that only slows our response times.

Patient Records Request

Individual patients fill out the HIPAA Authorization Form to start your request or have records transferred to your next provider.

Third Party Records Request

Attorneys, insurance companies, and next providers fill out the simple Third-Party Request form and upload documentation to request patient medical records.

How It Works

Request medical records in a few simple steps

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Click the “Third Party” or “Patient” request button above to fill out and submit the HIPAA Authorization Request form.


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The completion of your form will create a ticket in our system. You will receive a confirmation and email notification with next steps.


Receive Records

Depending on the delivery method you select, once Cariend has possession of the records, we will release the records to you via electronic transfer or send them directly to your new medical provider.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are my records secure and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, all records are stored securely and delivered in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Our processes are designed specifically to meet and exceed all state and federal laws. We use the industry’s most secure, HIPAA-compliant file sharing platform to transfer records. We do not send health information through email or any other unsecure form. All methods of transfer are fully encrypted. With Cariend, you can rest assured that your healthcare records are secure.

How will I receive my records?

The fastest and most secure way to receive medical records is via electronic transfer. This option is available for patients, providers, and third-party requestors. We strongly encourage this method to expedite your request.

If you are a patient without computer access, we can send your records directly to your next provider. Please provide accurate contact information for your next provider, including their email address. We will not be able to complete your request without this information. If this information is not provided on the HIPAA Authorization form, the records will be sent to you via electronic transfer if your email is provided, or they will remain in process until we receive the necessary information. We are not responsible for delays in processing due to lack of complete information.

What is Egnyte?

Egnyte is a simple to use HIPAA-compliant file sharing platform where you can securely download your medical records. You do not need an account with Egnyte to access your records. All you need is an email address.

Secure electronic transfer is much faster and more secure than alternative methods such as fax or mail when dealing with hundreds or thousands of pages per patient medical record. See our EGNYTE PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS (LINK) or EGNYTE PROVIDER INSTRUCTIONS (LINK) for a simple step-by-step guide.

Where can I find the HIPAA Authorization form?

Can I submit a paper medical records release form?

We encourage all patients to submit a HIPAA Authorization form electronically to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time. If you must, you can print and mail a paper release form. This will extend the turnaround on your records.


Mail the release form and a copy of your government issued Photo ID to:

Cariend ROI

PO Box 1866

Thomasville, GA 31799

Can you send my records directly to my new doctor?

Yes. When completing the HIPAA Authorization form, please select “Provider” under “Release my records to” as the method of transfer. All contact information must be provided by the person requesting the records. We cannot complete the request without a valid email address or phone number for the receiving party. Cariend is not responsible for any delays resulting from incomplete information.

My doctor’s office is still open. Can I still request my records through Cariend?

If your doctor’s office is still open, the quickest method for receiving your records will be directly from your provider prior to closure.

Once the practice closes, the records will have to be transferred from the closing office to Cariend. It can take weeks or months to fully transition the records from your practice to Cariend, depending on the format.

You may still contact Cariend and begin submitting your request documents if you would like. This will place you in line for processing once we do have the records ready for release. To assist us in getting you the quickest service possible, please do not reach out more than once with the same request or submit duplicate requests during the waiting period. We understand that it can be difficult to wait during the transfer process. We assure you that we will begin releasing records as soon as they are available.

Once you submit a request, that generates a ticket in our system and your request will be tracked until completion. We will release your records as soon as available, although if your practice is still operating that could be months from the time of your initial inquiry.

When will you get my medical records?

Once you submit a HIPAA Authorization form, you will receive an acknowledgement confirming receipt of your request. Once we have reviewed your HIPAA authorization form, you will receive confirmation. If we are still waiting for the records to be transferred to our custody, the update you receive will include information about that. Until your physician or facility sends the records, we cannot attest to when we will receive them.

How long does it take to receive my medical records?

The medical facilities we work with are in various stages of closure and records transfer.

  • If your doctor’s office has notified you that they are closing, but have not closed yet, then we will not have the records in our custody to release to you. Please contact your provider to explore the possibility of receiving your records before they close.
  • If your doctor’s office has recently closed, but the records have not been transitioned to Cariend yet. Records must be sent to Cariend to undergo processing and preparation before we can begin handling requests. This could take weeks or months depending on the nature of the specific needs for each client.
  • If your practice has already closed and the records transfer is complete, it will take 10-15 business days from the day we receive your completed request for you to receive your records. Please note, a request is not considered complete until we receive BOTH your completed HIPAA authorization form with a copy of your government issued photo ID.

How long do you keep my records?

Every state has its own laws regarding medical records retention. Check out our state-by-state retention resource HERE for more information about your state’s guidelines. We follow all applicable laws regarding medical records storage and retention. Typically, we have records available for release for several years following practice closure. If you are unsure if we still have records from your doctor, email for further information.

I was notified you do not have my records. What happens next?

If your doctor retained us as the records custodian but we do not have your records, we have no way of conducting further research into your records beyond those transmitted to us. In this situation, we suggest you first reach out to your provider. If your provider is no longer available, we recommend the following avenues for obtaining the medical information you need:

  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Reach out to your pharmacy for medication-specific needs.
  • Go directly to your specialist(s) for certain records if your primary care practice is closed.
  • If your specialist closed their practice, go directly to your primary care for any records or notes that may have been sent back to them from the specialist.

What should I do if I feel like my records are missing information?

Beyond the records we have received from your provider, we have no way of conducting further research into your records. In this situation, there are a few options or resources we recommend for obtaining the medical information you need:

  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Reach out to your pharmacy for medication-specific needs.
  • Go directly to your specialist for certain records if your primary care practice is closed.
  • If your specialist closed their practice, go directly to your primary care for any records or notes that may have been sent back to them from the specialist.

Can I select more than one provider to send my records to?

For multiple next providers, the fastest and most efficient option is for Cariend to release the records directly to you via electronic transfer. You will then have a personal copy of your medical records to distribute as needed.

I have changed doctors again. Can you send them to another provider?

If Cariend has already released your records to a new provider and

you are changing doctors again or need them sent to a different doctor, the fastest way to facilitate the transfer is through your existing doctor’s office.

Another option is that we can release the records directly to you via electronic transfer. You will then have a personal copy of your medical records and can send them to additional doctors and/or specialists as needed moving forward.

What are your payment options for third party requesters?

Cariend does not charge patients for requests. Release of information services for third parties (such as insurance companies, auditors, pharmaceutical companies, or law firms) will be provided for a fee. Invoices are due upon receipt and records will be released upon payment. We do not accept purchase orders.

Payment options include Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer or Certified Check. We accept ACH and Credit Card payments via our website at For additional payment options or questions, please email

If you are not able to complete payment through our standard methods and require additional vendor paperwork to be completed for your organization to issue payment, there will be an additional administrative fee above the records request fee.

Will you sign an affidavit as certification of the records?

As a records custodian, Cariend cannot provide effective affidavits or certifications for the records. Affidavits reference origination, maintenance, time periods, chain-of custody, and other direct affirmations which pre-date our possession of the records, or any knowledge of how and where the records were stored prior to their current transition to us. Since we did not originally create the records, we are unable to provide any additional certifications regarding their completeness.

How do I contact customer service or speak with a live person?

Our US based customer service team is available Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm EST.


Call 1 (855) 516-0612

All inboxes – both email and voicemail – are monitored by a live person in the United States. Your message will be returned in the order it was received. Kindly allow 3 business days for a response. We are working as quickly as possible to meet your needs!