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Closing a healthcare facility is an important decision with many facets to consider.

Cariend has put together resources based on our many years of experience to help clients navigate this process and answer common questions.

Healthcare Records Solutions Brief

Closing a healthcare facility is a complicated and nuanced process, especially as it relates to records and the ongoing release of information for patients. Cariend’s experienced management team has created a process to handle all facets of dealing with records in these situations. Click here to download our healthcare solution brief to learn more about the Cariend Continuum process for dealing with records. Managing healthcare records for you, ensuring patient care, compliance, and cost controls.

Business Records Solutions Brief

Even when a business ceases operation, laws still require records to be managed for various time periods. If the records are not properly stored, released, and ultimately destroyed when the statutory retention is met, you could face consequences, including fines and penalties. Click here to download our business brief to learn more about the process by which we handle business records.

Checklist for Closing Your Healthcare Facility

When preparing for the closure of a medical facility or any application where Protected Health Information (PHI) is stored, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce costs, minimize risk, and improve efficiency. With decades of experience in this area, Cariend has created a helpful checklist to ensure you have covered all your bases when closing your facility. Click here to download our healthcare closure checklist.

Common Mistakes when Choosing a Custodial Records Provider

Cariend’s custodial records team frequently sees the same mistakes made by healthcare facilities closing. These mistakes can be costly at a time when cost certainty and compliance are a must. With three decades of experience, Cariend understands this moment and knows how to guide you and your team through this process with expertise and empathy.