Cariend was founded on the core belief that your records are your legacy, and they deserve the best possible treatment. We understand there are many facets to closing your organization, and we can quickly remove the burden of managing your records. No matter the circumstances, it is a difficult time, but you are not alone.

Throughout their combined three decades in the records management industry, our team has walked hundreds of clients through these transitions. Our promise is to treat the closing of a facility – no matter the reason – with compassion, empathy, and experience to ensure a smooth transition.

For healthcare facilities, we ensure patient care, cost certainty, and compliance. For other record types, we utilize the same care and processes to support items such as litigation, revenue management, employees, students, and any records that require ongoing management.

Cariend commitment background

This is a pivotal moment for you, and we commit to seeing you through this transition with empathy, compassion, and knowledge. Rest assured; your records will receive superior care.

At Cariend, our commitment is to see you through this transition, providing patient care, cost certainty, and compliance.


Cariend’s expertise is in the handling and care of medical records. Cariend provides a comprehensive solution to handle all the compliance and workflow requirements that come with managing records after your healthcare facility is no longer operating.


With the closing of a healthcare facility come business records with their own specialized procedures and retention policies. Cariend is uniquely equipped to handle business records with the same precision and skill we use with medical records.


Cariend has the flexibility and agility to manage all types of physical records, from paper to x-ray to pathology materials and electronic files. Our single solution allows all your records to be handled as one, creating ease during the closing of a facility and in perpetuity for your patients.


Cariend’s technical resources help transform medical records using HIPAA-compliant methods tailored to meet each client's unique needs.