Patient Records Request

Cariend is an independent custodial records provider, a company chartered with storing records for closed medical facilities. We are not affiliated with your provider, but we’ve been retained by your provider to store your records for many years. If your provider recently closed and you do not urgently need your records, please do not request them at this time, so that patients with urgent care needs can be served faster.

The process you are about to follow is required by HIPAA law. It is our utmost priority to keep your patient information secure and provide your records in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Please do not send personal health information (PHI) such as your social security number, date of birth, or photo ID via email.

To request a copy of your medical records, you must follow the process outlined below. If you do not follow the process outlined below, it only slows our response capabilities and further delays the processing of your request so please read through the steps carefully.

You will first provide your basic contact information in the required fields below. Once you’ve provided this information, within 24 hours you will receive an individual email with a link to upload your Medical Records Request Form (required by HIPAA) and photo ID. Again, please do not email these items for security purposes, rather wait for the secure link to be emailed to you. If you do not see an email with the upload link within 24 hours of submitting your contact information, please check your email SPAM folder.

Cariend is not a directory or search resource for records. Please do not contact us for records unless you have been specifically notified by your physician or closing medical facility that we have your records. Once you have submitted your request form and ID, we will process your request as quickly as possible. Please do not call, submit multiple forms or email requests, as this only slows down our response capabilities.

  1. Complete the fields below providing your basic contact and provider information. Cariend will then verify if we have custody of the records for you and/or your provider. Cariend can’t release the records without Steps 1-5 completed below.

      * required field

    • Download, complete, and sign the Medical Records Request Form in its entirely.
    • Obtain a high-quality scanned copy of your government issued photo ID, either your driver’s license or passport information page.
    • Receive a secure link via the email you provided in the contact fields above.
    • Upload your signed Medical Records Request Form combined with the scanned copy of your photo ID to the secure link in the email we send you. Do not send this information via email or any other method, as this is not a HIPAA-compliant method for protecting information. Please wait to receive an individual link via email.  You will then upload your personal documentation as a secure transfer of information.

    If you have any questions call or email us: