Medical Records

When you decide to cease operations at your healthcare facility, let Cariend continue the care and custody of your medical records. We understand your moment and all the emotions and logistics that accompany this transition. Let our experienced staff see you through this transition, providing patient care, cost efficiency, and compliance.

When the ownership of a healthcare facility decides to cease operations for any reason, the requirements of managing records continue for many years. From private practices to hospital networks, and everything in between, the HIPAA laws require all patient records to be securely managed in a specific way, and available for years after a healthcare facility closes.

Any records including Protected Health Information (PHI) require an experienced, caring, and knowledgeable custodial provider to manage these records through the statutory requirements, once a medical facility no longer has the means or desire to manage the records themselves. Records are needed for the continuing care of patients, along with ongoing litigation, insurance, and government agencies, such as workers compensation. For larger healthcare facilities, items such as personnel records, revenue management, and SEC regulated business records must also be included.

Cariend exclusively manages the records of closed businesses, with a focus on medical records, along with the additional record types that are part of a healthcare business. We provide a comprehensive solution, enabling you to walk away from all the compliance and workflow requirements that come with managing records for the required minimum number of years, after your healthcare facility is no longer operating.

Why Cariend for Medical Records?

The decision to close a healthcare facility, whatever the reason, is a pivotal moment, and we commit to seeing you through this transition with empathy, compassion, and knowledge. Rest assured; your records will receive superior care. Patients will receive prompt and secure response to any requests.

Benefits of Cariend

Cariend was founded on the core belief that your records are your legacy, and they deserve the best possible treatment, including: