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Welcome to Cariend. Cariend is a custodial records management company that specializes in the closure of medical facilities – hospitals, clinics, and solo practitioners. Our company was born out of the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting financial strain placed on healthcare facilities. With decades of experience in the records management industry, our team has the industry know-how coupled with the empathy and compassion that is required for handling of these situations.

Unlike other players in the industry that are equipped only to handle a certain type of record, we believe that closing facilities should not have to seek out multiple records custodians. Cariend can handle all types of records: hard copy, electronic, medical, and non-medical records. Learn more about these individual services in the services portion of our website.

While every closure is unique, we have a standard process we follow for each client. We call it “The Cariend Continuum,” and it has been honed through years of experience walking clients through the closure process.

On our website, we have many free resources and downloads available to help guide revenue managers, Chief Financial Officers, or anyone else responsible for the closure of a facility. These guides offer general best practices and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a more specific question or would like to speak with one of our team members, contact us, and we’ll be able to guide you through this process.

Throughout the process, we deliver on our promise of patient care, cost certainty, and compliance.  We promise a smooth transition and the best in care for your records and your patients in perpetuity.

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