How To Navigate IT Barriers in Healthcare

Healthcare IT EMR

At Cariend, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare facilities in transition. For some, challenges come from acquiring existing electronic medical records (EMR) systems through merger or acquisition of a separate medical facility, while others face the task of consolidating multiple EMRs with corresponding sets of records all within one facility. As the administrative burden of professional medical care shifts, the tasks our clients face do, too. At Cariend, we’ve gained knowledge and experience helping a wide variety of clients navigate the challenges caused by the presence of multiple electronic systems through our custodial records projects, and we’re ideally positioned to offer our expertise to any healthcare facility facing similar transitional challenges. 

We’ve come to understand how the proprietary nature of EMR vendors creates difficulty when navigating multiple EMR systems, regardless of purpose. In some cases, Providers fear they lack the capital, time or other resources needed to address problems with legacy systems. Other times, providers feel forced to staff positions just to manage the nuances of juggling multiple EMR systems over years of service. If you find your practice or healthcare facility in similar straits, Cariend is here to support you, by providing an easier way to address the problems facilities face when managing multiple EMR systems.                                                        

healthcare IT EMRPartnering with Cariend provides you with the best in medical records management strategies, founded on decades of records management industry experience. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, and we don’t sell software or necessarily try to change your current vendors. We streamline records management practices, enabling our clients to reclaim resources, increase efficiency and solve their records management problems without having to face a six-figure conversion proposition. We think about your records differently, and our understanding of retention policy and best practice allows for a more efficient appraisal of a facility’s records situation.   

With an approach focused on understanding the nuance of each provider’s specific records situation and an end goal based on increased efficiency for our clients, we offer solutions for facilities ranging from large hospitals to small private practices. We’ve helped clients consolidate stores of records from across multiple EMR systems and eliminate exorbitant expenses related to software licensing fees and operating costs.  

Our process for helping your facility reclaim resources and achieve greater efficiency during your transition starts in a simple way, with a team member from Cariend gathering information about your situation and the challenges it brings. After proposing a solution tailored to the needs of your practice or facility, Cariend will carry out the steps of the solution, with little to no impact or disruption to your daily operations.  

The result is a streamlined process, with lower operating costs, reduced risk, and reclaimed efficiency. Your healthcare organization should be free to focus on patient outcomes and cost-management, not bogged down by inefficient systems and outdated software. Cariend can help you realize that goal. 

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