Physical Records

When you decide to cease operations at your healthcare facility, Cariend has the flexibility and agility to manage all types of physical records, from paper to x-ray to pathology materials and electronic files. Our single solution allows all your records to be handled as one, instead of spread out among different providers with more limited capabilities.

This creates ease during the closing of a facility and in perpetuity for your patients and any compliance needs. Let Cariend continue the care and custody of all your record types. We understand your moment and all the complexities involved with physical records.

Cariend manages many different types of physical records, including paper, film, pathology material, and electronic media. Our secure process of indexing and barcoding, coupled with our state-of-the art inventory management system, enables us to quickly and accurately locate records to support our custodial solutions. Once the required storage period has been met for a given record set, our secure destruction process closes out the lifecycle of those records.

Why Cariend for Physical Records?

Physical records demand a wide range of expertise, but with our combined three decades of experience, we have seen it all. And if we haven’t; rest assured, we will figure out the way to properly care for that item. We understand the different storage needs based on the type of physical record, and we are able to manage each type to the specifications to ensure it will last until it meets its retention.

Benefits of Cariend

Cariend was founded on the core belief that your records are your legacy, and they deserve the best possible treatment, including: