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Cariend’s expertise is in the handling and care of medical records. Cariend provides a comprehensive solution to handle all the compliance and workflow requirements that come with managing records after your healthcare facility is no longer operating.


With the closing of a healthcare facility come business records with their own specialized procedures and retention policies. Cariend is uniquely equipped to handle business records with the same precision and skill we use with medical records.


Cariend has the flexibility and agility to manage all types of physical records, from paper to x-ray to pathology materials and electronic files. Our single solution allows all your records to be handled as one, creating ease during the closing of a facility and in perpetuity for your patients.


Cariend’s technical resources help transform medical records using HIPAA-compliant methods tailored to meet each client's unique needs.

Our Evolution

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Was founded to manage custodial records with the core belief that your records are your legacy, and they deserve the best possible treatment.

With decades of experience in the records information management (RIM) industry, we understand the many facets of closing your organization.

We can help you navigate the process, quickly removing the burden of managing your records.

The Cariend Continuum

Working with Cariend is simple. Just tell us what you have and how long the records need to be stored. Cariend will provide you with a comprehensive proposal, delivering cost certainty and compliance, ensuring peace of mind knowing patient requests will be well taken care of.

The Cariend Continuum is the process by which Cariend will handle the custodial transfer of your records. While each client situation is unique, the continuum describes the general process we follow.

1. Gather Information

Find out what types of records you have. Specifically, Cariend will need information about your data including the following:

  • Types of Records
    Cariend has the ability to store medical, financial, employment, and legal documents.
  • Quantity of Records
    When estimating the amount of records you have, it’s best to think in terms of volume – the number of boxes, linear feet of physical records, or gigabytes of electronic records. Cariend can assist you in estimating the number of records.
  • Retention Policy
    Retention requirements vary both by state and by record type. Your attorney or insurance provider should be able to confirm how long your records must be stored.

2. Propose Solution

Using the volume and retention information, Cariend will provide a comprehensive proposal, including upfront pricing with no hidden charges or surprises.

3. Transfer Records Custody

Upon signing an agreement, we consolidate the records in our secure storage facilities. Cariend manages both electronic and physical records. Physical records will be boxed for transport to our secure, NAID AAA-certified facility.

Cariend will create a custom solution for your electronic records to ensure a successful transition.

4. Notify Patients

We introduce you to our dedicated Release of Information team. You simply make this information available to those who are entitled to receive copies of the records throughout the statutory retention.

5. Release of Information

Going forward, Cariend manages the records entirely. Patients contact Cariend directly to request copies of their records via secure Release of Information. Valid requests will be transferred in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

6. Secure Destruction

Once your required retention period has been met, Cariend securely destroys the records in a HIPAA-compliant manner upholding the nation’s most stringent NAID-AAA standards for destruction.

Custodial Records Solutions are Second Nature to Us

Patient Care

The life cycle of your patients’ care and access to records will continue in perpetuity, long after your doors close. Our friendly and knowledgeable Release of Information (ROI) team will ensure your patients have timely, accurate, and secure access whenever there is a records request.

Cost Certainty

As an independent, employee-owned company, we are nimble mavericks. We conserve your resources without compromising the services we provide by creating customized solutions that meet your unique needs. And with an up-front fee structure, there are no surprise costs later – for you or your patients!


Compliance is akin to the laws of nature – absolutes that will never be violated. As dedicated experts in the records information management (RIM) field, we provide the ability for you to simply walk away knowing records are managed in a way that minimizes risk, provides access in a secure manner, and maintains the industry’s highest compliance standards.

Common Mistakes

From years of experience, Cariend’s custodial records team frequently sees the same mistakes made by healthcare facilities closing.

Download our guide to learn about these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Our Environment

Our clientele spans the entire continental United States.

Our custodial records experts have helped clients navigate this transition whether single practice physicians, clinics, or large hospitals.

We are familiar with the various state medical board requirements and regulations. Our unique approach and flexible transportation solutions allow us to serve clients nationwide.

Call us today to talk through your specific situation.