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Was founded to manage custodial records with the core belief that your records are your legacy, and they deserve the best possible treatment.

With decades of experience in the records information management (RIM) industry, we understand the many facets of closing your organization.

We can help you navigate the process, quickly removing the burden of managing your records.

The Cariend Continuum

Working with Cariend is simple. Just tell us what you have and how long the records need to be stored. Cariend will provide you with a comprehensive proposal, delivering cost certainty and compliance, ensuring peace of mind knowing patient requests will be well taken care of.

The Cariend Continuum is the process by which Cariend will handle the custodial transfer of your records. While each client situation is unique, the continuum describes the general process we follow.

Custodial Records Solutions are Second Nature to Us

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Our Environment

Our clientele spans the entire continental United States.

Our custodial records experts have helped clients navigate this transition whether single practice physicians, clinics, or large hospitals.

We are familiar with the various state medical board requirements and regulations. Our unique approach and flexible transportation solutions allow us to serve clients nationwide.

Call us today to talk through your specific situation.